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Go Good - Whey and pea protein powders.
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Super premium whey and plant-based protein powders made in New Zealand

You work out, you work hard and play hard. Take a bow.
That means you’re living life to the full! But our engines don’t run on empty. Everybody needs a tank full of good protein to fuel their moves!

Vegan Plant Protein Powders

100% vegetable protein blends with a complete amino acid profile and delicious taste. Dairy, Gluten, soy, lactose and GMO-free.

Browse our vegan pean protein blends.

Whey Protein Powders

Premium New Zealand grass-fed whey protein mixed with organic fruits and superfoods. No added sugar, no fillers or additives. Nothing your body doesn't need.

Browse our grass-fed NZ whey protein powders.
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For advocates of personal health, and the planet's.

From the inside out, we’ve built our range of whey and pea protein powders around a simple principle: goodness in, good times out.

  • Premium Protein

    Hormone, pesticide and GMO-free. We only use the best New Zealand grass-fed whey and premium European golden pea protein to deliver goodness to your body.

  • Organic Flavours

    Our flavours come from organic fruits and superfoods that provide a powerful nutrient boost with a distinct authentic taste and added healthy benefits.

  • 100% Natural

    Our protein powders are gluten and GMO-free. We do not use any fillers or additives, and no artificial sugar. The sweetness of our blends comes directly from organic fruits.

  • Plastic Free

    We’ve committed to ditching plastic completely. Canisters, scoops, fitted delivery boxes, right down to our packing tape – All of our packagings are uniquely 100% plastic free.

  • Recycled cardboard Canister

    Our protein canisters are made from 80% recycled cardboard and aluminium. Every canister you purchase prevents the equivalent of three 750ml plastic bottles from being briefly used and left to litter our planet.

    Recycled cardboard canisters.
  • Compostable paper scoop

    Fully compostable paper scoops make a welcomed appearance inside our canisters. A sleek shape and user friendly design ensures you can easily get a daily dose of the goodstuff, right down to the very last scoop.

    Compostable paper scoops.
  • Fitted shipping boxes

    Ergonomically designed with the environment in mind. A tight fit keeps the canisters safe with no wasted space preventing the use of pesky bubble wrap, foam peanuts or packing fillers. We’ve even done away with the plastic packing tape!

    100% plastic-free fitted shipping boxes.

They love our protein powders

We worked hard to deliver the cleanest protein powders you can find. Premier athletes, gym addicts, cafes & artisans all use our protein blends. Nutritionists, coaches and health foodies recommend them for vegan and vegetarian.
Serious Smoothies
Serious Smoothies

Serious Smoothies uses Go Good's pea protein powder to compliment their pre-portioned smoothie fruit pouch with a healthy protein kick.

My Food Bag
My Food Bag

Featured in New Zealand’s largest direct to consumer meal service. Blended with fresh fruits and vegetables to serve as a healthy, low calorie meal option.


You will find us on the shelves of Huckleberry stores, New Zealand's largest retailer of natural, organic and gluten-free foods.

Over 3,500 happy customers agree

Go Good is New Zealand's most reviewed protein powder

I have never had a protein shake that tastes so real! You can definitely feel how natural/organic this powder is. On top of that, these guys know what they are doing, quick delivery, great after sale support. I'm definitely on board!

Tastes amazing and the consistency and texture is so creamy and not grainy like most protein shakes! The perfect chocolate hit that leaves me full until my next meal.

The flavour is so subtle and actually tastes exactly like banana (not artificial banana flavour if that makes sense). It's the only protein I can drink alone and It goes so well with my smoothies, overnight oats and banana pancakes! If you like natural products then give this a go!

This is my holy grail protein powder! Perfect taste, thick yet smooth creamy texture (no grit here), low carb and keeps me going for hours. The eco-friendly packaging is also a huge plus. As far as pea protein goes, I couldn't recommend more. 

Great protein. It dissolves, tastes good in smoothies, put in french toast or pancakes, or baked! It's awesome having the plain whey, no artificial stuff or weird sweeteners, can just make it taste like whatever I feel like on the day.

Absolutely love the organic chocolate WPC! It has such a natural organic cacao taste and you can tell it isn't full or terrible artificial ingredients like other whey powders I have had in the past. I will defiantly be buying Go Good products again!

Creates a beautiful creamy protein smoothie that I feel good about consuming due to its organic ingredients and environmentally friendly packaging! Not to mention the delicious taste!

Easy to use whey isolate with a really good nutritional profile. Great price, fast shipping & I also really appreciate the effort made to use recyclable materials in the packaging! Returning customer & will continue to purchase. Thanks Go Good.