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Real, organic ingredients.

We’ve searched the world and purposefully selected only the highest quality ingredients to create our protein blends. Pure nutrients compliment proper flavour in each and every scoop. No fake stuff, no chemicals – nothing a healthy body doesn’t need.


Grass-fed whey

Pea protein isolate

Organic banana

Organic cacao

Organic strawberry

Organic vanilla

Grass-fed whey protein

Clean, authentic and pure. Free from any chemical and hormone, our whey protein concentrate and isolate are sourced from healthy cows that graze on lush green New Zealand pastures all year round.

Whey protein contains little carbs and fat but is packed with macronutrients essential for optimum immunity. Exceptional bioavailability and digestibility combine to provide, nutrient dense protein source that compliments all active lifestyles. 

A superior source of essential amino acids, whey protein delivers a complete nutritional profile that promotes, sustains and improves health for your body.

Golden pea protein

Matching a climate where peas are happy to grow combined with cutting edge technology sets the stage for the production of our world-leading pea protein isolate.

Our peas are sourced naturally and cultivated free from any GMO or chemical interference.

Boasting an impressive 88% purity, fast digesting protein nutrients will get to work quick, restoring and replenishing muscle tissue, boosting performance and keeping you fuller for longer

Organic cacao

The cacao tree (Theobroma Cacao) is a small tree native to the tropical regions of Central and South America.

Our hand-selected, highly sought after ‘crillio’ variety of organic cacao, prized for its unique aroma and decadent flavour makes up just 5% of production worldwide. Grown in Peru, once picked, cacao pods are dried and ground into a fine powder – absolutely raw, 100% natural.

Labelled a superfood due to its potent nutritional profile, cacao contains 40x the antioxidants as blueberries and is a well known natural energy and mood booster. Raw cacao is rich in magnesium and sulphur which promotes healthy hair, skin and nails. 

Organic vanilla

Total collaboration with nature is needed to cultivate the delicate pods that grow on the vanilla vine  (Vanilla planifolia) . For just one day of the year, each delicate orchid opens and has a window of only a few hours to be pollinated by hand.

Cultivated without the use of harmful herbicides and insecticides, once harvested, vanilla pods are dried and ground into a fine, smooth powder – completely raw, 100% natural.

The nutritional benefits are real. Powerful anti-inflammatory properties combined with a smooth taste and aroma work together to enhance our incredible vanilla experience.

Organic banana

Sourced from Ecuador, a country with the perfect subtropical climate for banana ‘Musa acuminate’ trees to thrive year round.

Grown and cultivated without the use of harmful herbicides and insecticides, organic bananas are then freeze-dried to retain as much nutritional value as possible. The resulting taste is as real as the benefits. Packed with potassium, vitamins and minerals these yellow energy sticks serve as much more than just a flavour.

Each Go Good banana canister contains the equivalent of 5 real organic bananas.

Organic strawberry

Our Strawberries are grown and sourced from the Maule region in Chile, a location where more than 80% of the land is devoted to agriculture.

A freeze-drying process preserves as much of the nutritional value and taste as possible. Strawberries are packed with vitamin C and minerals, these juicy red berries serve as much more than just a flavour.

Each Go Good strawberry canister contains the equivalent of 50 real organic strawberries.

Stevia and Thaumatin

Stevia and Thaumatin (Katemfe Fruit) are natural sweeteners so effective and the amount used is so extremely small, it doesn't provide measurable calories or impact body weight and the waistline.

Stevia and Thaumatin are low GI. They provide the right touch of sweetness and have the added advantage of not feeding the plaque on your teeth, protecting those pearly whites.