At Go Good we are here to get real about how to be healthy and on top of your game while you’re living your life at full-tilt. We don’t live in a monastery, and we bet you don’t either. So we make products that are going to pack a nutritional punch, and get us from a late night lair up to the morning boardroom, as sharp as a razor blade. On top of that, we want some energy to hit the gym. Or the yoga studio. Or the road, whatever. At Go Good we are equal opportunity exercisers.


Who We Are


In our minds, all movement is good going. And speaking of good, it’s the realness of our products that makes them punch well above their weight. As close to real nature as we can get them; with no artificial, test-tube-ey interference.

We live it as we say it: Goodness in. Good times out.



A good feeling always starts with good food.
From the inside out we’ve used this notion to reimagine what really good liquid nutrition should be.



Unmatched Quality

No less than world-leading New Zealand whey and golden pea protein deliver proper goodness to your body. Clean and pure, just as nature intended.

Authentically Organic

Organic fruits and superfoods that add to the health profile of our blends providing a powerful nutrient boost with a distinctly authentic taste sensation.

Less is More

Fewer handpicked and minimally processed ingredients free from pesky additives and chemicals because sometimes just as important as what is inside, is what’s not.




Real nutrition inspired by real lifestyles. Serving up quality, convenience, affordability and care in every single scoop.


We’ve worked hard to develop a product that’s pure and delivers our promise to your body. And it’s our values that ensure this is available in the best possible way. 



Recycled Packaging

In an industry that’s fuelled by disposable plastic packaging we’ve committed to ditch it completely. Canisters, delivery boxes right down to our packing tape – it’s all uniquely plastic free.

Go Good recycled cardboard canister - Say no to plastic packaging.

Give Good

By donating a portion of each canister to environmental care we highlight the key connections that we depend on to bring our products to life. Healthy bodies thrive in healthy environments after all.

For each of your orders, Go Good gives $1 to a charity.




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Grab 2 free sachets of the blends you want to try for free and experience the uniqueness of organic flavours.

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