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Hi, we're Go Good

A true passion project

Go Good was created as a raw alternative to dodgy commercial brand protein powders. From the inside out, we’ve built our range of whey and pea protein powders around a simple principle: goodness in, good times out.

And speaking of good, it’s the realness of our products that makes them punch well above their weight.

Premium and honest protein sources, sustainable organic flavours, Go Good protein blends are as close to nature as you can get them. We craft pure nutritional supplements. Real ingredients with true benefits. Nothing your body doesn’t need.

From the gym to the boardroom, to late night lair, Go Good stands for and supports healthy active lifestyles.

The best protein powders possible. Inside AND out.

Our approach is simple: Quality is the most important thing. The products just need to be awesome. Second, we wanted to manufacture sustainably with top quality materials. And finally, try our best to offer products at everyday prices.

From the ground up, our obsession is with quality. In response to over-processed products by globo-gym brands, we developed protein blends with optimum nutritional transparency and integrity. By purposefully using fewer but more nutritionally powerful ingredients, we craft protein powders with unmatched authenticity. Your body’s a temple? That’s fine. Go Good is clean and pure just as nature intended.


By sourcing protein powders and our organic ingredients from like-minded suppliers and using packaging made from recycled materials, we do our best to minimise the environmental impact of our business. Not convinced? We also give back part of our profits to initiatives protecting the planet. With a goal to become completely carbon neutral we hope to show that a little goodness, goes a long way.


Well-being should be a given, not a privilege. We believe everyone should be able to endorse a healthy lifestyle. Designed to be used to compliment personal health each and every day our products are intentionally priced in the exact same way. Scoop, shake, blend or bake. Our blends make you feel better from the inside out, boosting your energy levels, not bursting your wallet.

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We have a few unique quirks

Premium Protein

Hormone, pesticide and GMO-free. We only use the best New Zealand grass-fed whey and premium European golden pea protein to deliver goodness to your body. Exceptional bioavailability and digestibility combine to provide a convenient, nutrient-dense protein source.

Organic Ingredients

Our flavours come from organic fruits and superfoods that provide a powerful nutrient boost with a distinct authentic taste. Our organic flavours are not here to mask any aftertaste. Antioxidant powerhouses or ancestral immunity boosters, they’re truly active ingredients with added benefits.

Nothing Nasty

Because sometimes just as important as what is inside, is what’s not. We mix fewer handpicked and minimally processed ingredients that are free from pesky additives or test-tube-ey interference. No fake stuff, no chemicals, nothing a healthy body doesn’t need.

Plastic Free

In a consumable product industry that’s fuelled by disposable plastic packaging, we’ve committed to ditching plastic completely. Canisters, scoops, fitted delivery boxes, right down to our packing tape – All of our packaging is uniquely 100% plastic free. Better for you, better for the environment.