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the challenge of our generation

As climate change impacts our lives our choices as a business matter more than ever. We’ve worked hard to develop a product that’s pure and delivers our protein promise for your body. But we also have a responsibility to create our products in a sustainable way, with minimal impact on our environment

Making every canister count

Working with New Zealand protective planting projects allows us to directly reduce our carbon footprint while supporting environmental issues specific to our industry. Our pledge is to donate a portion of every canister sold to Trees That Count.

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Our initiative, your contribution

We've calculated the carbon footprint of our canisters, from raw material to production, and from packaging to transport. A part of every canister you buy directly contributes to compensate for our carbon emissions:

10.7 Kg per canister

So far, the 120 trees we've funded with your help have already absorbed at lot of CO2:

12,940 Kg of CO2 off the atmosphere

This is the carbon footprint of 62,300 plastic bottles of water.

Altogether Better

Partnerships with likeminded suppliers and producers align our commitment to doing things for the better. As expected, it comes at an increased cost but the environmental upside is totally worth it.

FSC certified
FSC certified

The Forestry Stewardship Council  (FSC) is an international non-profit organisation dedicated to responsible, sustainable forestry. The cardboard and paper materials used in our canisters and delivery boxes is FSC mixed certified. Recycled paper produces up to 40% less CO2 emissions than new ‘virgin’ paper. Proudly almost 90% of the materials we use are recycled and sourced from FSC certified suppliers. 

Organic ingredients
Organic ingredients

Organic farmers intentionally fertilise and cultivate their farmland using techniques that protect and preserve the soil for future crops, encouraging biodiversity in ways that conventional farming does not.
They’re focused on natural options to maintain the health of their crops and the superior nutritional produce it yields. And they absolutely love it when they find customers like us who appreciate all the extra care they take.

Plastic free
Plastic free

Unfortunately our industry standard is to use plastic packaging that lasts upto 400 years for products that is typically consumed in just over 30 days. It’s this notion that pushed us to think a little differently. Every recycled cardboard canister purchased otherwise removes the equivalent of 3 X 750ml bottles worth of plastic out of existence. Together that’s a whopping 50,000+ plastic bottles removed from existence every year!