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Go Good Smoothie Station

A fitting extension of your health & fitness services, a complimentary addition to your event or an enjoyable visit at your workplace. Suitable for all occasions our Smoothie Station serves up healthy, delicious smoothie bowls on location.

Give me the goodstuff!

We have partnered with key New Zealand food brands such as Pics, Ceres Organics and Innocent Packaging in order to deliver tasty nutritional smoothie bowls of the utmost quality.

Our energising and refreshing recipes are packed full of healthy, guilt-free ingredients with the added boost of Go Good protein powder in every single serve.

We offer a seasonally rotating menu that caters to all dietary requirements. Our smoothie bowls are vegan and vegetarian friendly, gluten and allergen free. We believe they're perfect way to be introduce your clients to protein powder and how to incorporate it into a healthy, satisfying and balanced diet.

Goodness in, good times out.

Proper good & profit free

What began as a service to only our brand partners has changed to a full time offering, but our core values have remained the same - serving up convenient, healthy food to happy bodies.

Our Smoothie Station is a non-profit operation. We have voluntarily made our offerings extremely affordable so it can be enjoyed by absolutely everybody.

Our friendly staff will happily give onsite instruction on how the recipes are blended while our online recipe blog allows people to recreate their experience at home.



Frequently Asked Questions

All you need to know before you host your smoothie station event.

What does the Smoothie Station provide?

We offer 3-4 hours of venue attendance (+/- depending on needs), as well as all necessary equipment and payment services.

What is the cost of your service?

Costs range between $5 and $9 for small and large depending on our offering at the time. Menu will be confirmed upon booking. We are happy to amend it to meet specific needs and requirements.

What payment types do you accept on site?

Payment is made directly to Go Good upon purchase via eftpos or cash.
If the event cost is entirely covered as a gift to your clients, it will be invoiced after service.

Is there a minimum quantity needed to book?

Yes, we generally require a minimum of 25 smoothies or bowls to be sold over a 3 hour period. This ensures our service is sustainable as we are non-profit and pay above minimum hourly rate to our staff.
However, this is usually very easily achievable. If in doubt, subsidising our service is a great option. As little as $1-2 subsidy per bowl increases the attractiveness and buy in that much more.

What does Go Good require to set up the Smoothie Station?

We require access to power, clean, safe, dust and clutter free area to operate, and access to clean water amenities for equipment wash-down (sink or basin).

How can I make the most of the event? What works best?

We highly suggest to promote our attendance prior to arrival on social media channels (promotional material can be provided). When possible take pre-orders or provide estimates for stock expectation needs.

What occasions do you recommend the Smoothie Station for?

For gyms, special calendar days work well: birthdays, open days or annual events.
For workplaces we see breakfast to lunch being the key times for uptake.
For events we recommend exclusivity of our food type (chilled/healthy foods)

Be mindful that we serve chilled, health-focused food. It is typically suited best for morning to mid-afternoon meal options and resonate best with a health orientated event attendance.