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Protein for breastfeeding mums

Protein from breast milk sustains a newborn's rapid growth for the first year of his life. A breast-feeding mother also needs protein to recover from the physiological strain of pregnancy and childbirth.

The postpartum period are the times when good nutrition matters most in a woman's life.  When physical fatigue collides with lack of time and appetite, protein powder is a convenient solution to meet increased nutritional needs.

Is protein powder safe when breastfeeding?

The answer is yes! It’s recommended that moms who are pregnant or nursing consume at least 25 extra grams of protein a day. This may seem a little daunting for some, but there plenty of ways to safely increase your daily protein intake.

Protein powder will be processed like any other protein source.

Protein powders are a quick and easy way to add a boost of protein and nourishment into your diet. While they are safe, it's important to note that many protein powders on the market contain artificial sweeteners, fillers, thickeners and gums - which should be avoided!

Increased protein need
Increased protein need

Breastfeeding mums need an extra 25g of protein per day to cover their need and produce enough milk for their child.

Higher caloric intake
Higher caloric intake

While nursing, women need 300 more calories than they did in the third trimester of pregnancy in order to sustain milk supply.

Milk composition
Milk composition

Human milk contains about 0.9g of protein per decilitre. Approximately 60% is whey, while 40% is casein. This balance of the proteins allows for quick and easy digestion.

Benefits of protein powder during lactation

A lot of new moms prefer protein shakes because they are super easy and packed full of nutrients. Some additional benefits include:

  •   Moms are commonly deficient in protein, so they’re a great way to add an extra boost of protein
  •   Fast absorbing and easy to digest
  •   Rich in macronutrients and essential amino acids
  •   You can easily add other superfood ingredients