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Premium protein nutrients your body loves!

Everyday nutritional blends packed with pure protein nutrients and authentic organic ingredients specifically designed to complement healthy, active lifestyles perfectly.

Build lean muscle and boost metabolism

Enhance exercise recovery

Assist with fatloss and weight management

Decrease appetite between meals

Meet daily nutrient needs

Premium Protein
Premium Protein

Hormone, pesticide and GMO-free. We only use the best New Zealand grass-fed whey and premium European golden pea protein to deliver goodness to your body.

Organic Ingredients
Organic Ingredients

Our flavours come from organic fruits and superfoods that provide a powerful nutrient boost with a distinct authentic taste and added healthy benefits.

100% Natural
100% Natural

Our protein powders are gluten and GMO-free. We do not use any fillers or additives, and no artificial sugar. The sweetness of our blends comes directly from organic fruits.

Plastic Free
Plastic Free

We’ve committed to ditching plastic completely. Canisters, scoops, fitted delivery boxes, right down to our packing tape – All of our packagings are uniquely 100% plastic free.

Everybody needs protein

It’s essential to everything we do and without it we just don’t feel, think, look or move as well.

Go Good protein is purposefully crafted with fewer but more nutritionally powerful ingredients so that you can trust your body is getting enough of the goodstuff each and every day.

Hand selected organic ingredients ensure our protein powders are not only better for you but they taste delicious and blend exceptionally.

Perfect to boost your breakfast smoothie, fire up your morning tea, and supercharge your afternoon!

Join 1000’s of likeminded kiwi’s who are enjoying our benefits everyday.

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