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Guide to Protein in plant-based diets

How to choose my plant-based protein powder?

How To Choose Your Plant-Protein Powder.

Ok, so we know that a plant-based protein powder is a great option to add when you’re on a plant-based diet. It’s cost-effective, readily available and, most importantly, will allow you to remain on track with your diet and ethics while not sacrificing your daily nutritional requirements, win-win! Not only that, but you know there’s many different kinds of plant-based protein available to you!

But now you’re faced with another choice. Who to purchase your protein powder from.

Supplement companies have long been aware of the rise of plant-based diets and they’ve curated their product offerings to match. Every supplement company under the sun now has their own plant-based offering and it can prove tiring to find the perfect fit.

Not only that, but, for those of us who’ve been around the supplement industry for a while, we know there’s been scandals in the media about supplement companies who claim their product is produced in a certain way, or contains a certain amount of protein, when in reality, it’s not the case at all!

It can really be a minefield to choose the perfect brand to support your dietary choices.

What factors do we need to consider when choosing a plant-based protein powder?

Well, you’ve got to look a little closer at the brands themselves.

How many ingredients are in their plant-based powders? Do they have lots of fillers? Are they full of sugar? Or is it just a straight, pure protein powder?

You’ve got to be sure that you’re buying protein, not a blend of carbs and protein! Many brands will also flavour their protein artificially, adding ingredients that you probably wouldn’t want to take into your body. Look for a protein that is flavoured naturally or organically for peace of mind.

You’ve also got to look at the source and origin of the protein. What part of the world does it come from? Is it from France or Belgium – reputable for their world-class pea exports? Or is it from a third world country, one that may be a little more relaxed in their quality standards for food supplements?

Of course, price is always important – and this can vary greatly. As is the case with any product on the market, neither the most expensive nor the cheapest are usually the best options. High priced supplements are usually leveraging the strength and loyalty of their brand – the product itself is no different from the lesser priced alternatives. On the other hand, the cheapest brands are potentially the ones using cheaper ingredients, sugary fillers and artificial sweeteners – potentially threatening your diet altogether!

All this information can be seen at a glance, it’s not too difficult, and you’ll still usually have a good number of options still to choose from!

What’s helpful at this point is to look at the company itself. What brand ethos do they have? Are their morals and ethics aligned with yours? This is a very important question for most following a plant-based diet and one which usually slims down the options significantly.

Why is Go Good the perfect option for you?

Hey, you can’t blame us for taking this opportunity for a small bit of self-promotion, can you?

Sure, you can do all the manual labour we mentioned above and methodically sort the good from the bad. Or you can come straight to us.

We’ve created our plant-based protein powder with these exact dilemmas in mind. We know what you want from a plant-based powder, because we want the same!

As a result, Go Good’s plant-based powder is created from France and Belgium sourced, non-GMO golden peas. If you know of a better, more pure basis to create plant-based powder, let us know – because we don’t! We keep the powder pure – no fake stuff, no chemicals, nothing a healthy body doesn’t need

Not only this, but as a company, we’re dedicated to offsetting our carbon footprint as much as possible. Our products are plastic free and created from 90% recycled materials. Not only that, but we also donate a portion of our profits to Trees That Count – an initiative dedicated to planting and growing trees throughout the world.

We think of ourselves as a highly ethical company, one who isn’t afraid to sacrifice a bit of profit for the greater good. And we’d like to think that you believe the same.