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Guide to Protein in plant-based diets

What are the benefits of protein powder on a plant-based diet?

Benefits Of Plant Based Protein Powders.

As we’re sure you realise at this point in our guide, protein is an essential nutrient and one you can’t afford to neglect, even on a plant-based diet.

And as we’ve also shown, you can still meet your protein requirements by using only vegetable sources! The only downside is that you’re going to have to eat a lot of those vegetables. They’re much less dense in protein than their meat-based counterparts and generally won’t cover all the Essential Amino Acid profiles you need. If you’re vegan, you’re going to have to eat a whole lot of vegetables to hit that daily requirement of 56g and 46g for a sedentary man and woman.

And 56g/46g are just the bare minimum amount we need each day! Many of us will need much more! If you’re relatively active, that value’s going to be closer to 70g and 58g and if you’re very active or looking to increase muscle mass, the value can be as much as 150g – 200g!

If you’re strict on your plant-based diet, that’s a huge mountain of vegetables to get through each day. It makes us stressed just thinking about it! What’s more (sorry to do this to you), but even if you do somehow manage to get through that mountain of vegetables every day, you’re most likely not going to have consumed all the Essential Amino Acids you need – plant-based proteins often don’t possess them all!

How can we consistently hit our daily requirements of protein?

A few decades ago, you’d have to just accept that you’re most likely not going to hit your daily protein requirements as a non-meat eater. You’d have to compromise your diet and ethics in some way, or risk compromising your health instead.

These days however, we fortunately have a solution to the problem: protein powder. And not just any protein powder, but plant-based protein powder!

Why are protein powders so good at meeting these requirements?

Plant-based protein powder is an absolute lifesaver for the non-meat eater. It allows you to consistently and conveniently hit all your daily protein requirements, but, most importantly, you don’t have to sacrifice your diet, ethics or wallet in the process! Plant-based powders also hit all of your Essential Amino Acid requirements, giving you peace of mind that all your nutritional bases are covered – and no animals are suffering!

Plant-based powders also come with the built-in benefits of being low in carbs, fat and allergens – it’s a truly guilt free addition to your diet. And not only that, but there’s no cooking required, you can mix the powder with water, shake it up and you’re good to go!

Go Good’s own plant-based protein powder contains a whopping 24g of protein per 30g serving. That means you can very likely hit the 56/46g minimum threshold by supplementing just two scoops of our protein powder to your usual dietary intake. And not only that, but because it’s a pea protein, you can rest assured that all of your Essential Amino Acids are covered too!