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Give good is our checkout donation scheme driven by us and delivered by you. Our Give Good initiative highlights the key connections that we depend on to enable us to consistently improve people’s lifestyles through healthy, convenient liquid nutrition. Healthy bodies thrive in healthy environments after all.

"A portion of profit from EACH canister is donated on our behalf to the cause YOU choose each and every time you shop with us."


We are not going to deny the stress that animal agriculture places on our environment, and the dairy industry plays a part in this. We are proud to source our dairy from New Zealand where the quality is among the cleanest and processes are world leading however it’s impact still needs to be managed.

Controlling nitrogen and sediment runoff from dairy cows into our waterways is a ongoing issue for New Zealand farmers. Over half of Go Good products contain dairy so as a response we have partnered with Millionmetres New Zealand which advocates fencing and planting treelines along waterways to preserve our streams.


The conscious choice to use organic ingredients in our products isn’t by chance and the benefits aren’t just enjoyed by the tastebuds! Organic farming endorses the sustainable production and cultivation of ingredients without the use of harmful pesticides and fertilisers. This ensures soil quality is preserved making it much easier for farmers to grow crops for seasons to come while significantly reducing its environmental impact.

The introduction of our plant-based range is a reflection of global consumer trends as we consider the wider impacts of how products in our hands ‘come to be’. Our commitment to organic ingredients reflects our focus on quality and health before everything else.


Where’s the sense in using plastic packaging that lasts more than 400 years in a product that is consumed in around 30 days? Our choice of recycled packaging and shipping boxes is just one way we directly address this ideology. As we constantly look to reduce the future environmental impact of our business operations (right down to the plant based printing inks we use) we are equally responsible for the cleanup and maintenance of our current environment.

By partnering with Greenpeace Global we are active in assisting with the reduction and removal of plastics in our ecosystem. Promoting the use of recyclable, sustainable materials and encouraging more businesses to follow suit.

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