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Broghan preparing her chocolate and almond thick shake.

Chocolate And Almond Thick Shake


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419 CAL


If you haven’t noticed by now… I LOVE SWEET TREATS! I am all about finding quick, easy and HEALTHY alternatives to my favourite treats (one of which is chocolate thick shakes clearly…).

Whilst nothing beats a good thick shake once in a while, life is all about balance and you can have this one for brekkie, lunch and dinner if you so desire! Full of healthy fats and protein, this will keep you full for longer, getting you through the day. I tend to avoid heavy meals before a workout where possible, so something like this would be my go to - full of energy to keep you going, without weighing you down!

PRO TIP: Keep blending for 2-3 minutes once your smoothie is all combined, this adds extra air into the mix and will make you the fluffiest, creamiest smoothie you’ve ever seen!




  1. Pop all ingredients excluding ice into your blender and blitz until smooth and creamy!
  2. If you want it a little thicker, throw in a handful of ice to make it a super cold summer treat.

PRO TIP: Add in a pinch of salt – you wont taste it, but it really brings out the almond and chocolate flavours – the perfect sweet and salty combo!


Delicous creamy chocolate and almond thick shake.


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About the author: Broghan Lamb

Broghan is a young emerging foodie from Auckland, with a passion for nutrition. Her focus is always on creating super quick, no-fuss, delicious meals to fuel a busy lifestyle.