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Test Stainless Steel Shaker - Peach

Go Good 400ml Green Stainless Steel Shaker - Peach.

Test Stainless Steel Shaker - Peach

A strong stainless shell with a sleek matte finish. Ergonomically designed not to be too big and intrusive yet still capable of holding 600ml of liquid goodness. A Vortex clip lock lid makes sure it contents stay exactly where they should while thermos style insulation keeps your cold one just that little bit cooler. Popped into a gym bag or cup holder and you are good to go!


High Quality Material

The high-quality 304 food-grade stainless steel we use to manufacture our shaker is naturally safe and uncoated. It’s extremely resistant to corrosion and 100% BPA-free which allows your bottle to contain any kind of beverage. Unlike plastic, stainless doesn’t absorb odour and develop the dreaded “shaker smell” after repetitive use.

Perfect Size, Low Weight

Perfect-sized and easy to carry, our stainless steel shaker provides a convenient drinking experience while on the go thanks to the compact design. Featuring a wide mouth on the top and measuring scale for accurate filling and easy cleaning. A simple lift of the click-on lid is enough to reach your beverage and quench your thirst in any occasion.

Sustainable Sipping

With Go Good, you can reduce your impact on the planet while refusing single-use plastic bottles. Exercise environmental consideration with a Go Good shaker while contributing to our native tree planting projects.

Goodness goes where you go!

Go Good Denim Blue immediately calls to mind a relaxed state. Inspired by summer months it’s reminisce of the oceans cooling, refreshing temperature. Made of stainless steel feel good supporting an environment most impacted from plastic pollution.

5-Star Rating.

Fuelling healthy confidence with ingredients you can trust. Over 3,400 happy customers agree.


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