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We can see by healthy body and glowing smile that you enjoy your Go Good protein powders. You belong the Go Good referral program through which you can discount to put toward your next purchases.
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Lucky me, lucky you

Help your friends who care about their health save money. Send $5 to a friend to shop at Go Good. When they make a purchase, you get $10 to use on your next purchase.

You will be notified of each completed referral by email and all your voucher codes will be safely stored in your account.

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Refer friends
Refer friends

Invite friends via email or by sharing your unique link on social media.

Redeem rewards
Redeem rewards

Receive a $10 voucher code for every purchase completed by a referred friends.

Terms and conditions

$5 discount offered to friends are valid on all orders.
$10 earned for each completed referral cannot be cumulated an applied to as same order.
Discounts won't apply on shipping costs and discounted products.

Any concern or question? Send us an email at hello@gogood.co.nz